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Jordi SAMSO BASTARDAS 1929-2008 Barcelona, rare abstract painting from 1972

Jordi SAMSO BASTARDAS 1929-2008 Barcelona, rare abstract painting from 1972

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Jordi SAMSO BASTARDAS (1929-2008 Barcelona)

rare abstract painting from 1972 and located in Barcelona, entitled "dialog"

Present in several museums around the world, Asia, United States, Spain ...
Samso's works are very rare on the art market.

Large dimensions: 73.5cm x 54.5cm

He is a painter and an engraver. He studied at the "Llotja" art and craft school in Barcelona and at the Baixas Academy. He has worked on stained glass, jewelry creations from renowned jewelers in Barcelona: Sant-Serrahima, Puigdòria, Ratera, Muntells-Turull, Ferran Muela and Lins de Sant Cugat del Vallès. He is considered one of the best chisel engravers. Since its first exhibition in 1951, Samsó has produced more than 50 individual exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Toulouse, Perpignan, Val d'Aosta, San Francisco, etc ... It is exhibited in various museums and private collections.

Jordi Samsó usually exhibited at the Lleonart gallery in Barcelona and was part of the 6 + 1 group. Jordi Samsó was born in Barcelona (1929), district of Gracia from an early age, he devoted himself to painting, he studied at the art and craft school of La Llotja (Barcelona) and also at the Baixas Academy he studied fine arts, Throughout his life, through different stages, ranging from figurative impressionism with abstract abstraction and figuration, painting reveals the different moments of current political or economic time, but also erotic forms which occupy an important place in his professional work. He devoted a significant part of his life to engraving and artistic jewelry on different media. He died at the end of 2008 after a retrospective exhibition on Hitofumu art in Barcelona. Samsó (starts working with oil, then presents himself in acrylic and latex, his painting moves from an academic and figurative stage to a geometric approach with little material.) Later, in the 70s, the gesture and dynamism make their appearance. In the 80s, the line becomes more direct and the detail almost disappears in favor of painting. During the 90s, his work is developed and, above all, fresh. The Catalan artist expresses his surrealist, symbolist, magical, expressionist, ironic and dialectical world. "J. Samsó's fabrics provide an appropriate framework for the painter's dynamic performance, where he captures his conscious and subconscious. That is, he works directly with his sensations and thoughts, without representing them allegorically. . But he does not describe them, because his work only alludes to reality, in the manner of an anecdotal note. His real discourse lies in the way he combines the experimentation of color with the universe of concepts that literally empties into the canvas. The brushstrokes are dynamic, very fast, plunged into a state of catharsis. The colors are austere but impressive. The range of blues, reds, blacks and whites predominates. and the gradients give the work a certain spatialist component, as a scene in which each of his characters begins and ends on a daily basis. He combines abstract spatialism with the dynamics of gestures. preferably, a mixed technique, oil and acrylic. ''

Exhibitions, Prices:

1964 1st access to sacred art, Barcelona. 1965 1st National Prize for Young Painting. 1951 Igualada (Barcelona), Girona. 1953 Galeria Augusta, Barcelona. 1956 Jaimes Room, Barcelona. 1957 Amics de les Arts, Terrassa (Barcelona). 1968 Galerie Castellet, Perpinyà, France. 1969 Toulouse, France - Galeria Ass Barcelona. 1970 Les Voltes, Olot, Gerona. 1971 Amics de les Arts, Terrassa, Barcelona. 1972 Matisse Gallery Barcelona. 1973 Le Marraco, Lleida. 1974 The Sphinx Gallery, Mallorca. 1975 Galeria Seiquer, Madrid - Belles Arts, Sabadell, Barcelona. 1977 Belles Arts Sabadell, Barcelona. 1978 Matisse Gallery, Barcelona. 1979 San Lluc, Barcelona. 1981 Ajuntament de Valls, Tarragona. 1982 Reading center, Reus, Tarragona. 1983 Aosta, Italy - Galerie Revers, Manresa, Barcelona. - Salle Domenech i Muntaner, Barcelona - Estudi Bailèn, Barcelona. 1984 Sa Coma, Tossa, Girona. - Galerie Matisse, Col.lectiva, Barcelona. - Quorum Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona. - Mini-rubble, Cadaquès, Girona-Estudi, Bailèn, Barcelona. 1985 Sa Coma, Tossa (Girona) - Galerie Lleonart, Barcelona. - Estudi Bailèn, Barcelona. 1986 Lleonart Gallery, Barcelona. 1987 Sala Capella Sant Roc, Valls, Tarragona. - Palau D 'Art Gallery, Barcelona - Ajuntament Alcover Museum, Tarragona. - Estudi Bailèn, Barcelona. 1988 Gravadors Sant Lluc, Caixa, Terrassa, Barcelona. - Galerie Matisse, Col.lectiva, Barcelona. - Galerie Matisse Barcelona. 1990 Art i traça Gallery, Olot, Girona. - San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art / Batik, Biaf'90, Barcelona - 42 Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt, Germany. 1991 Setmana Catalana, Gloria Ferrer Winery, Sonoma, CA, USA - Artists of Catalonia, San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, San Francisco, CA, USA - FLAX & Art Design Gallery. San Francisco, California,

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